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About CnC Tech

CnC Tech provides industrial connection and interconnects solutions where high quality parts and competitive pricing are important factors.  By designing and manufacturing a large variety of standard cables, power cords, electronic connectors and sockets CnC Tech gives our customers and engineers a cost-effective alternative cable and connector line for industrial standards worldwide.

Industries served include data communication systems, consumer electronics, medical, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, defense and marine, energy, and lighting. Long-lasting, reliable standard cables and connectors can assure customers and engineers worldwide of satisfaction and excellent performance.

CnC Tech strengthens its position in the industrial market with convenient-to-use solutions such as:

  •   1 kg Magnet Wire reels, class 155 and class 200, MW28-C and MW35-C.
  •  A wide range of SILICON, FEP and MPPE jacketed wires stranded hook-up wire that is available in 500ft reels, 10 different colors and the most common wire gauges.
  •  IDC solutions come in a variety of connectors, terminations, and colors, all of which take advantage of insulation displacement technology.
  •  Flat ribbon cables are available in 0.025 or 0.050 pitch and gray or multi-color with tinned copper conductors.
  •  PVC jacketed Flat Modular Cables are available in 100, 250, 500, and 1000 spools. Colors are black, white, or silver.
  • Fast turnaround custom cables and interconnects solutions that are manufactured to exact customer specifications.

CnC Tech, LLC was founded in 2011 and is located in Chandler, Arizona.

CnC Tech, LLC 
Phone: 1-480-269-8787 
Fax: 1-480-999-2784


7402 W. Detroit Street, Suite 180
Chandler, AZ 85226




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