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Product Highlights Exclusively @ Digi-Key

NEMA 2000 Certified Multi-Paired Cable and IP Rated Connectors
CnC Tech's NEMA 2000 certified multi-pair cable and connectors that can be used for a variety of applications.

USB OTG Adapters
CnC Tech's USB OTG adapters allow users to attach other devices such as flash drives, mice, keyboards, or other peripheral devices to a smartphone or tablet.

CL2 Rated Audio Cable
CnC Tech audio cables with a CL2 rated PVC jacket are suitable for in-wall installation and are designed to protect against voltage surges of up to 150 volts.

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
CnC Tech's fiber optic cable assemblies offer data that moves at higher speeds and greater distances resulting in more bandwidth than copper cables.

Braided USB Cable Assemblies
CnC Tech’s braided USB 2.0 A male to Type-C cables offer greater durability and tangle resistance

Modular Cable Assemblies
CnC Tech's straight and coiled modular cable assemblies

IDC Solutions
CnC Tech’s IDC solutions come in a variety of connectors, terminations, and colors, all of which take advantage of insulation displacement technology.
Flat Modular Cables
CnC Tech's PVC jacketed cable is available in 100’, 250’, 500’, and 1000’ spools in three colors: black, white, and silver.
UL Series Hook Up Wire UL Styles
CnC Tech introduces their variety of hookup wire UL styles in a large selection of colors and wire gauges and is suitable for lights, electric heaters, electric heated household service, high temperature appliances.
Mini DisplayPort Adapter Cables
CnC Tech offers mini DisplayPort adapter cables in seven configurations.
D-Sub Connectors
CnC Tech offers IDC D-Sub connectors in 9 to 37 positions with PBT glass fiber (UL94V-0) insulators.
Flat Ribbon Cables
CnC Tech features their 28 AWG to 30 AWG flat ribbon cables. The ribbon cable is available in 0.025” or 0.050” pitch and gray or multi-color with tinned copper conductors.
MPPE Insulated Hook-Up Wire
CnC Tech offers hook-up wire with MPPE insulation. This MPPE insulated hook-up wire is resistant to oil, flexing, heat and cold.
USB Type-C Connectors
CnC Tech’s USB Type-C connectors offer the latest in USB Type C technology.
3.1 USB Type-C Cable Assemblies
CNC Tech Type-C USB connectors are reversible and are about the same size as Micro-B USB connectors which will enable these to work with even the smallest devices.
105°C Power Cords
CnC Tech offers a wide range of power cords for US and International use.
FEP Insulated Hook-Up Wire
CnC Tech now offers hook-up wire with FEP insulation. The insulated hook-up wire is resistant to extremes of temperatures.
Magnet Wire
CnC Tech now offers magnet wire for many different applications, such as transformers, inductors, motors, speakers, and more.
IC, PLCC Sockets and Adapters IC
CnC Tech's IC, PLCC sockets and adapters offer design flexibility, ease in prototype evaluation, and reduce overall cost and time to market.
CnC Tech connectors feature a current rating of 3 A and operating temperatures of -40°C to 105°C in a wide range of connectors, including sockets and headers with gold plated contacts.
SILICON Rubber Wire
Due to the high temperature and high voltage rating, CnC Tech's SILICON wire is for ideal usage in many applications.
Modular Crimp Tools
CnC Tech commercial-grade hand crimping tools are designed primarily for field installation, repair, maintenance work, or prototyping.

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